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At Pullen Real Estate, we believe in providing our clients with a professional and comprehensive service, and their feedback matters a lot to us.  Here’s what our past clients have to say about us……

« Four years ago I decided to buy a house in beautiful Languedoc Roussilon. With Richards help from PRE I found a bijou renovated townhouse in Moussan. Richard helped me with all the pre and post sale complexities with the owner and made the process easy for me given the language issues. PRE offices are situated close to Narbonne which makes ease of visits etc. A few issues I had during my ownership were co-solved with PRE help e.g. with pool etc. When I decided to sell PRE stuck with me through the process , found a buyer and when this dissolved they then sourced another achieving me a good price in a difficult economic climate. Chitra also put in a sterling effort as we neared sale completion , accompanying me to a local notaire, recommending a good euro exchange bank and generally nursing the closing process which turned tricky at times, to a satisfactory end without me having to travel over again to sign contracts , handover etc. I can thoroughly recommend this small bespoke agency especially to British Clients, over any French Immobiliers in SW France.  »

Professor Chris Atterwill FRCPath FRPharmS FiBiol
St.Neots, UK
November 2016


« The service offered by Chitra and Richard Pullen was exemplary. True and accurate assessments of property values, plus the  massive advantages of English speaking agents and introductions to other areas of expertise such as foreign exchange and English speaking notaires made the whole experience of moving house so much simpler. I would recommend this company to anyone. Knowledge of the market is a priceless benefit, and this was evident throughout. »

Len and Jeanie Clayton
Tunbridge Wells,  UK
November 2016


« Earlier this year, my husband and I came to the grand Narbonne region searching for a house, to fulfill a dream I have been cherishing since many years: A maison de maître on the banks of the canal du Midi. We searched for several weeks, to no success. Then, almost at the end of our stay in the region, when we were about to leave disappointed, an English friend suggested that we contact Chitra and Richard Pullen. They would lead a highly professional real estate agency near Narbonne. We did it – by the end of the week, Chitra and Richard showed us the house we were looking for: A beautiful, well-conserved maison in a dominant position on the banks of the Canal, in a lively village in Minervois. Four weeks later, we bought the house.
Chitra and Richard did not only find the house we were looking for – they also offered extremely useful advice concerning banking and telecommunication services in the area, put us in contact with a construction company for the renovation work, and performed many other similar services for us. In a nutshell: Chitra and Richard were not simply real estate agents for us – they acted as knowledgeable friends, and enthusiastically shared with us their formidable expertise in all areas concerning such a transaction. We are deeply thankful for that. Chitra and Richard are much more than real estate agents: they are ambassadors of the French savoir vivre, they are friends who helped us to make our dream come true. »

Barbara Schulte & Julio Godoy
Bremen, Germany
October 2016


« We were looking for a property in France, but suffering with our agent. Normal story of lack of communication and staff who knew very little about the market or the properties they were trying to sell!
A friend introduced us to “Pullen Real Estate”. From that moment we had an agent who we could communicate with and who had the knowledge to find us a property and take us through the complete buying process.
We have now purchased our French property and would like to thank both Richard and Chitra, from Pullen Real Estate, for doing such a fantastic job in making that happen.
In addition, they have become good friends, and so our transition to France will be even more pleasurable.
The circle is now completing, as we have just introduced a new client to them, we have full confidence that they will be treated to the same professionalism and friendliness that we received in both finding and purchasing our property with Pullen Real Estate.”

John & Amanda Romain
Saffron Walden, UK
October 2016


« We have nothing but praise for the way in which Richard and Chitra Pullen helped us sell our house in France. Their advice was ‘spot on’ and they guided us through the whole process. We had previously experienced other agents and the contrast enables us to recommend Pullen Real Estate without any reservations. »

David and Karen Rossdale, UK,
August 2016


Durch unsere Lebensläufe nicht ganz fremd in Frankreich machten wir uns auf die Suche nach einem Ferienhaus, dass auch als Altersruhesitz tauglich wäre. Pullen France war nicht das erste Maklerbüro mit dem wir zu tun hatten. Einzig machte uns Richard auf unnachahmliche Art nicht nur in kurzer Zeit klar, wonach wir eigentlich suchten, sondern wir hatten das Gefühl auf eine unaufdringliche Art mit alten Freunden zu sprechen. Chitra und er sind welterfahrene, langjährige Wahlfranzosen mit einem feinen Gespür für Neigungen und Bedürfnisse ihrer ausländischen Kundschaft. Beide ergänzen sich in ihren Kompetenzen perfekt von der Suche über die Auswahl bis zur Kaufabwicklung. Dabei ist die Kommunikation initiativ und zeitnah auf dem Punkt. Beide waren weiterhin wertvolle Ratgeber von Banken, Einrichtung der Versorgeranschlüsse bis zu Freizeit Tipps. Vielleicht ist es nur Koinzidenz aber ihre Empfehlungen entsprechen in den meisten Fällen auch unseren Neigungen. Wir haben sie bereits weiterempfohlen. Wir sind zu Drinks verabredet.

Our life experience brought us back to France while looking for a holiday home optionally suitable for retirement days later in life. Having dealt with other estate agents, we realized that only Richard has the subtle and matchless art of finding out what exactly we were searching for. We soon had the feeling we were talking to friends. Chitra and Richard are worldly and wise living in their adopted home France for many years now. They have the feeling for their customers’ inclinations and needs. They finely complement one another beginning from the property search and selection but not ending with the actual purchase. Communication and information is passed quickly and reliably. Their good tips for banks, providers or recreation are a great help. It may be coincidental, but the suggestions they have made suit us very well. We have warmly recommended them and are looking forward to having drinks together.
Andrea + Matthias Sahl
April 2016


« We’d been trying to sell our house for a while through a large agency when a mutual friend introduced us to Richard and Chitra. They were like a breath of fresh air and gave us renewed confidence that we would sell.
Within a few months they’d matched the right people with our house. They obviously know the market well. Richard and Chitra then seamlessly guided us through the vagaries of selling a property in France. Chitra was always at the end of the phone to answer any queries.
We would have no hesitation in recommending them. In fact the whole process was a delight. »

Jane and Peter Hawes, UK
April 2016


« After some searching we had set our hearts on a lovely property with huge potential in the lovely village of Siran. As newcomers to the French property game, we had to learn the ropes fast, while navigating the obstacles of distance and language. If that was not a challenge enough, early on our plans ran into difficulties and we had an anxious wait to see if we could close on our property. We are happy to say that Richard and Chitra were key in helping us stay the course and holding our hands through the whole buying process. They were always on hand with helpful advice and useful suggestions, and put us in touch with English speaking experts to help us through the process. We cannot recommend their services highly enough. »

Patrick Astwood and Emma Foster
Sherborne, UK
March 2016


« When searching for a house in the Languedoc region of France, look no more, Pullen Real Estate is your go to if you’re American or English speaking! With only months of research, brief correspondence via telephone and one short week to look, these Texans have found their dream home in the south of France. As a real estate broker myself, I am obviously knowledgable about the process already but I wanted to find someone in France that could explain French process to me and speak English. After months of research I discovered that the buying process and clear title is almost identical to the US ;careful consideration when buying over seas. In addition France has an agreement with the US and you are only taxed in one country, not both, as is the case in most other countries.  Richard and Chitra Pullen have lived in the area for 12 years and speak French fluently, thus making the process seamless for American buyers. Richard’s careful consideration of what we were looking for, knowledge of the area and his professional business practice made us feel comfortable from the start. Also knowing that Chitra is an attorney and would help us with a bilingual notary (title company) gave us peace of mind.  After just a couple of days we knew we wanted to be walking distance to cafes and shops but minutes away from the ancient villages, vineyards and the beach, and voila!, Pullen Real Estate produces the perfect city town house that we could not leave without purchasing. It was a great experience and Richard and Chitra along with their lovely family could not have been more accommodating and professional. I would recommend them to anyone buying in this region. »

Please feel free to contact me:
Kelly Nyfeler Dallas, Texas
Texas, USA
January 2016


“We have enjoyed coming to the Languedoc region on holiday for many years and were magnetised by the Canal du midi. When we decided to buy a holiday home by the Canal, were lucky to find Chitra and Richard Pullen. They took time to get to know us as a family to ensure that we were matched with the right properties at the right price and when we made a decision to buy, they supported us smoothly through the process. Chitra was always at the end of the phone or email if we had a question. We would recommend them to others looking for their dream house by the canal without a doubt!”

Minesh & Neelam Patel
Twickenham, UK
October 2015


« Unlike most of the Pullens’ English speaking clients we were selling our lovely holiday home in Salleles d’Aude not looking to buy and were therefore in effect on the other end of their services.

We tried a couple of French estate agents but found them mostly unresponsive to the point of inertia.   The Pullens are quite different with a professional proactive approach which matches up all their clients’ needs and delivers an end to end service. Richard is good yet honest salesman while Chitra in her somewhat less glamorous role is effective and diligent in pressing notaires and other involved parties to take the process through to an as speedy as possible completion. They do all the little things too which saved us a lot of travel to and fro adding a lot of value all round. They have many useful contacts who can be trusted to deliver parts of the process.  For us their suggested currency trader was outstanding.

On a personal and social level they are charming, good natured and funny and it was a pleasure to meet and eat with them and their family. We have many regrets at leaving the area and high on the list is that we may not be seeing them again. Though you never know! »

Janet Topham & Susan Lasker
London, England
October 2015


« Richard and Chitra know their local geography, and it was evident they learned about their properties, working tirelessly to match buyer with seller. They sent us the largest number of prospective buyers out of all the other agents, and in the end, they brought forward the perfect buyer suited to our property. During the sale process they gladly helped all concerned with notaire and the transfer of utilities, insurances, etc., all which helped immensely to make an international move less stressful. Hats off to Richard and Chitra! »

Margaret and Martin Lewis
Mirepeisset, France
June 2015


« We were lucky enough to have been introduced to Richard and Chitra quite early in our house hunting project.

They quickly understood our requirements and were able to give us the benefit of their wide experience and in depth knowledge of the area, helping us find the right location and finding and showing  houses that would be suitable for us.

Ever friendly, patient and enthusiastic  they helped us through the whole process from negotiation to completion, putting us in touch with an excellent Notaire and even helping us get utilities and bank accounts and the like organised.

We would highly recommend Pullen Real Estate to anyone looking for a holiday home or a permanent  residence – and we are glad to now have Richard and Chitra as friends. »

Roger & Jane Hollings
Mirepeisset, France
June 2015


“Richard and Chitra are great listeners and doers. Both in saving a lot of time in finding the property we wanted rather than simply showing us what they had and in all the renovation work. They project-managed renovation for us as well and did a tremendous job keeping everyone to time – no easy task in France! They also kept a tight rein on the budget and really focused on “value” on a complex project. I am happy to recommend them strongly”.

Mark Fox
London, UK
July 2015


« Je viens de clôturer mon achat sur ma maison à Saint Marcel sur Aude, Languedoc et bien que peu de gens pourraient dire que l’expérience de vider leurs économies est agréable, mon expérience était effectivement merveilleuse grâce à Richard et Chitra. Dès mes premiers échanges e-mails en Aout 2014 jusqu’a notre rencontre en Octobre en passant par les visites et les références de constructeurs mais aussi l’assistance juridique donné par des natifs anglais tout était amusant et excitant. Richard et Chitra tous deux sont chaleureux, sophistiqué, compétent et expérimenté. Ils ne se sont jamais devenus impatient avec mes questions stupides innombrables, et ils étaient courtois et drôle jusqu’à la ligne d’arrivée. Je ne pourrais pas les recommander plus fortement. »

Karen Brudney
New York, USA
February 2015


« When we first met Richard we found him helpful, charming and knowledgeable. He successfully negotiated the purchase of our house and, together with his wife Chitra, supervised the minor alterations that we required. After a fire, due to a problem with the old electrics and which unfortunately destroyed the roof and first floor of our property, their help and their language skills were invaluable. They were appointed by our insurers to act on our behalf and they carried out our wishes with skill and accomplishment. We would never have been able to deal with the legal and technical issues raised without their assistance. They have helped us to achieve the wonderful house in which we now live and have become our friends. »

John and Cynthia Duquemin
Bize- Minervois
January 2015


« Au cours de nos recherche d’un bien dans la région du Languedoc nous avons rencontré beaucoup d’agents différents. Richard a su se démarquer du lot grâce à sa manière amicale approchable, son raisonnement juste et son bon sens. Richard à pris le temps de vraiment écouter et comprendre nos exigences et à été en mesure de les traduire en une liste de biens vraiment viables. Il va de soit de dire que nous avons finalement acheté une maison que Richard nous a montré. Nous recommandons Richard sans hésitation à quiconque recherche une maison dans le Languedoc. »

Denise & Tony Pearson-Smith
Ginestas, France

June 2014


« I would like to point out to anyone who may use your services that my wife and I first dealt with the Pullens when selling our previous holiday home in the Aude and buying our present home in Minervois. We were in the UK for most of the time the house was on sale and only found out about your many viewings of our property by hearsay, otherwise we would not have known how hard you worked on our behalf. Needless to say the house showed no signs of having intruders in our absence. As the transaction involved synchronising the selling of one property and the buying of a second, the transaction was not simple, and an unexpected delay in our buyers’ completion could have scuppered the whole process. However your wheeling and dealing behind the scenes expedited the sale with the result that we are now living in a house with which we are both delighted. I would also like to say what a lovely couple Richard and Chitra are, and I would like to think we became friends in the process of buying and selling houses. I would not hesitate to recommend their agency. »

David (and Jean) Rea
Pepieux, France


« Nous avons acheté une maison à Cruscades près de Narbonne et notre premier point de contact était Richard Pullen. Nous l’avons trouvé charmant mais surtout efficace et aimable. Chaque fois que nous voulions voir la maison ou demander des renseignements, Richard était toujours disponible et rien ne semblait trop difficile. Nous sommes devenus amis avec Richard et Chitra et avons trouvé que c’est un couple charmant pas seulement socialement mais aussi professionnellement. Nous leurs souhaitions beaucoup de succès dans leur nouvelle entreprise et nous les remercions pour leur aide dans la réalisation de notre déménagement réussi en France. »

Paul and Julie Power
Cruscades, France


« L’achat d’un bien à l’étranger est à la fois une expérience passionnante mais aussi intimidante. Nous avons eu de la chance de rencontrer Richard quand il nous a montré des biens, durant la semaine nous avons voyagé à travers le Languedoc à la recherche d’une maison de vacances. Il était différent des autres agents que nous avons rencontrés dans son approche calme et considéré, et n’a pas perdu notre temps en nous montrant des biens qui ne satisfaisait pas nos exigences. Après avoir complété l’achat, les services de Richard nous ont beaucoup aidés. Il a aidé à faciliter le processus de mise en place d’une nouvelle maison. Il nous a fourni un service complet où il nous a aidé a mettre en place un compte bancaire français, l’assurance d’habitation et l’électricité. Il a également été en mesure de coordonner le travail des constructeurs et des électriciens pour certains travaux mineurs et était toujours prêt à aider en cas de besoin. Ça a été un réel plaisir d’apprendre à connaître Richard et Chitra et leur famille, et il est clair qu’ils prennent plaisir à aider les gens à s’installer en France! »

Val & Clive Wilkinson
London, England


« Service excellent du départ à l’achèvement. Nous tenons à exprimer combien nous avons apprécié le travail que vous avez fait pour nous aider à trouver la maison de nos rêves dans un village de rêve. Nous avons particulièrement apprécié votre habileté intuitive et vive sensibilité à l’écoute de nos besoins et exigences et de votre temps sans fin donnés volontiers pour nous guider dans la recherche de notre endroit parfait.
Rien n’était trop demander.. Jamais un inconvénient, on ne se sentait toujours entre de bonnes mains. Nous vous recommandons de tout coeur comme étant un agent qui est honnête, travailleur, professionnel et vous avez aidé a remplir notre rêve – nous sommes très heureux du résultat !
Merci. »

JA & WS Atkinson
London, England


« Nous avons passé plusieurs jours avec beaucoup d’agents différents à la recherche de biens en France. Ce que nous avons le plus apprécié dans l’approche de Richard est qu’il nous à vraiment écouté. Lorsque nous l’avons rencontré pour la première fois, il a pris du temps de vraiment entendre nos exigences avant d’envisager de nous faire visiter des biens. Il à écouter avec clarté nos commentaires tout au long des visites et ainsi à il nous suggérer de nous biens à visiter (dont un que nous avons finalement acheté – à notre grande surprise et à la sienne aussi!). Il connaît aussi bien sa liste de biens que sa région. Il à partager ses connaissances et son enthousiasme vis à vis de la région avec nous et par cela nous à offert un aperçu de ce qu’il est que de vivre dans cette région. Nous sommes aussi très reconnaissants pour son service après-vente – nous accompagnant à travers le processus d’achat de la maison mais aussi pour trouver les constructeurs, les plombiers et les électriciens. »

Jill & Jonathan Merrett
Salleles d’Aude, France


« L’achat d’un bien peut être intimidant dans les meilleurs circonstances. Compliquez la situation en étant à 7,500 kilomètres, ajoutez une pincée de cultures différents, et une touche de questions linguistiques et le processus peut être particulièrement ardue. Heureusement, les Pullens étaient disponibles avec un coup de main, un mot rassurant et des conseils utiles. Nous avons étés tellement satisfaits des services professionnels des Pullens que nous avons acheté trois maisons à travers eux et vendu un autre »

Paul and Joy Perdue,
San Francisco, California USA